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1. Advising California employers and employees authors, Bonnie Bogue ... [et al.] project manager, David Peyerwold
  Subject: Labor laws and legislation -- California
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2. American Indian law collection
With more than 700 unique titles and 350,000 pages dedicated to American Indian Law, this collection includes an expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. This library also ... read more
  Subject: Indians of North America -- Treaties -- Databases; Indians of North America -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Databases; Indians of North America -- Databases
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3. American jurisprudence. 2d.
American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, originally published by The Lawyers' Cooperative Publishing Company, is an encyclopedic text of American law, state, federal, criminal, civil and procedural. In over 430 modern titles, Am Jur 2d articles collect, examine, and ... read more
  Subject: Law -- United States
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4. American Law Institute library
  Subject: Law reform -- United States; Law -- Vocational guidance -- United States; Law -- United States -- Sources
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5. American political prints, 1766-1876 catalog of the collections in the Library of Congress / by Bernard F. Reilly, Jr
Catalog of the Library of Congress collection of American political prints, 1766-1876, cataloged and annotated by Bernard F. Reilly, Jr. Collection can be browsed by years or searched
  Subject: United States -- Politics and government -- Caricatures and cartoons -- Catalogs; Prints, American -- Washington (D.C.) -- Catalogs; American wit and humor, Pictorial -- Catalogs
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6. American state papers, 1789-1838
Search or browse U.S. congressional materials originating from 1789 and covering through 1838, including 1st Congress, 1st Session through 25th Congress, 2nd Session
  Subject: United States -- History -- Sources; United States -- Politics and government -- Sources
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7. Antitrust basics Thomas V. Vakerics
  Subject: Competition, Unfair -- United States; Antitrust law -- United States
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8. Antitrust law an analysis of antitrust principles and their application / Phillip E. Areeda, Herbert Hovenkamp
This expert-authored treatise provides analysis of thousands of court decisions, as well as the statutes, agency guidelines, and law review articles that comprise the antitrust laws. In addition to providing practical know-how for avoiding antitrust liability, the ... read more
  Subject: Antitrust law -- United States
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9. Appeals and writs in criminal cases authors, Charles M. Bonneau... [et al.] CEB attorney editor, Sara H. Ruddy
  Subject: Writs -- California; Criminal procedure -- California; Appellate procedure -- California
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10. Armed conflict database
This database covers international and internal conflicts, as well as terrorism, incl. information on refugees and returnees, internally displaced persons, weapons used and their flows, fatalities, costs, historical backgrounds, and timelines. Users can generate reports, download data, ... read more
  Subject: Weapons; War casualties; Refugees; Terrorism; War
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11. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical patents law and practice / Marc S. Gross, S. Peter Ludwig, Robert C. Sullivan, Jr
This comprehensive how-to guide for protecting biopharma inventions applies the law in the context of biopharma patents as business assets, to maximize their value and ensure their protection
  Subject: Biotechnology -- Law and legislation; Biotechnology -- Patents; Pharmaceutical biotechnology -- Law and legislation; Pharmaceutical biotechnology -- Patents
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12. Bishop & Kleinberger: limited liability companies Carter G. Bishop, Daniel S. Kleinberger
  Subject: Private companies -- Taxation -- United States -- States; Private companies -- United States -- States; Limited partnership -- Taxation -- United States; Limited partnership -- United States -- Forms; Limited partnership -- United States
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13. Bloomberg law
Integrates comprehensive legal content, company and market information, and proprietary news all in one place. Also includes court dockets, Bloomberg law reports, selected law reviews, and Practising Law Institute treatises
  Subject: Securities -- United States -- Databases; Court records -- United States -- Databases; Law reports, digests, etc. -- United States -- Databases; Law -- Databases; Law -- United States -- Databases
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14. Business law today
  Subject: Corporation law -- United States; Commercial law -- United States
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15. Business method patents Gregory A. Stobbs
Authoritative source for court-tested guidance on the patent application, drafting claims and specifications, drawings and illustrations of the business system, building a patent portfolio for attracting capital and enforcing and licensing business method patents
  Subject: Patent laws and legislation -- United States; Technological innovations -- United States -- Patents; Industrial management -- United States -- Patents
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16. Business succession planning strategies for California estate planners and business attorneys / authors, Lori A. Adasiewicz ... [et al.] CEB attorney editors, Jean Magistrale, managing editor Janis L. Blanchette ... [et al.]
  Subject: Estate planning -- California; Executive succession -- California -- Planning; Family-owned business enterprises -- Succession -- California -- Planning; Family-owned business enterprises -- Registration and transfer -- California
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17. Cal-Access California automated lobbying and campaign contribution and expenditure search system / California Secretary of State
Cal-Access is your window into the universe of campaign finance and lobbying at the California state government level. Who contributes and how much to the campaigns of candidates for Governor, other statewide offices, and the State Legislature? ... read more
  Subject: Lobbying -- California; Lobbyists -- California -- Directories; Elections -- California -- Statistics; Financial disclosure -- California -- Statistics; Campaign funds -- California -- Statistics
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18. California administrative hearing practice authors, Ruth S. Astle ... [et al.] edited by CEB attorneys, Kay E. Tindel, project supervisor, Deborah Magers-Rankin, Linda W. Russell
  Subject: Administrative procedure -- California
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19. California administrative mandamus authors, Mitchell E. Abbott ... [et al.] project manager, Norma Piatt
  Subject: Judicial review of administrative acts -- California; Mandamus -- California
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20. California attorney fee awards author, Richard M. Pearl [edited by] Karen Frasier-Kolligs
  Subject: Lawyers -- Fees -- California; Costs (Law) -- California
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21. California attorney's guide to damages authors, Robert M. Cassel ... [et al.] project manager, Robert Waxman
  Subject: Damages -- California
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22. California automobile insurance law guide Ralph A. Lombardi project manager, Linda Russell
  Subject: Automobile insurance -- California
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23. California business law reporter CEB, California Continuing Education of the Bar
  Subject: Industrial laws and legislation -- California; Commercial law -- California; Business enterprises -- Law and legislation -- California
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24. California child and spousal support establishing, modifying, and enforcing / authors, Katie Burke ... [et al.] CEB attorney editor, Jon E. Heywood
  Subject: Support (Domestic relations) -- California; Divorce settlements -- California; Child support -- California
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25. California child custody litigation and practice authors, Shelley L. Albaum ... [et al.] project manager, Jon Heywood
  Subject: Custody of children -- California; Custody of children -- California -- Trial practice
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Viewing 1 to 25 of 238 results [1]  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10   ...10   Next »

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