Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves) provides access to digital course materials as well as links to licensed electronic resources.  Using E-Reserves, you are able to view and print digital materials submitted by your instructor.


Who may use E-Reserves?

Current UCI students (including UCI Division of Continuing Education), faculty, and staff.

What is needed to access E-Reserves?

Before searching for course materials, access E-reserves by signing into My ANTPAC using your UCInetID and password.

If there are problems with your UCInetID and password, please contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu.

If you are accessing E-Reserves from off-campus, you will need to be authenticated as a current UCI student, faculty or staff member Please refer to Connecting from Off Campus.

Extension students will need to sign into My ANTPAC using their library barcode number and PIN.

*What is a Library PIN?

(for Extension/Summer session only)

Your Library PIN is a 4 to 8 digit number that you set when you activate your Library card. If you want to change it at a later time, you can modify your PIN via your account on My ANTPAC.

*What can I do if I forget my Library PIN?

(for Extension/Summer session only)

There are 3 ways to change your PIN:

  • Go to the Check Out/Reserves Desk at any UCI Library.
  • Calling one of the the Check Out/Reserves Desks:
    • Langson Library: 949-824-6842
    • Ayala Science Library: 949-824-3692
    • Grunigen Medical Library: 714-456-5585
  • Send an email to the Libraries at circadm@uci.edu
    • Include your name and Library card number (which begins with 2197000…)
    • Request that your Library PIN be changed
    • An email response will be sent to you within one day

What browser do I need to use to view E-Reserves?

E-Reserves works best with the most up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

What is the advantage of using My ANTPAC with E-Reserves?

If you sign into My ANTPAC, you can access items on electronic reserves without having to re-enter your name and information each individual time.
  • Go to ANTPAC
  • Sign into My ANTPAC (left side of the screen)
  • Select the appropriate option (Faculty, Staff, and Students or Visitors) and enter the requested information.
  • Extension students must use the Visitors option.
  • Click Submit
  • Click Search Catalog


How do I find my course materials on E-Reserves?

Follow these steps to find course materials on E-Reserves:

  • Before you search for Course Reserves materials, login to My ANTPAC
  • Go to ANTPAC, the Library’s catalog
  • Select the Course Reserves tab
  • Choose the appropriate button:
    • Course Name
    • Then type the department and course number. For example:
      • Writing 039C
      • Humanities 001A
      • Physics 113
    • Professor/TA
    • Then type the instructor’s last name, first name (or initial). For example:
      • Smith, John
      • Jones, A
  • Click Submit
  • Scroll down/up to browse the Reserves items listed for the course. E-Reserves items are marked Internet or ELECTRONIC COPY AVAILABLE

How can I view E-Reserves?

First, follow the instructions under How do I find my course materials on E-Reserves, then:
  • For e-Reserves material marked Electronic Copy Available:
    • Click on the title
    • Type your UCINetID and password as instructed. If you are an Extension student, please click on the link under 'Community Users,' then type your name, library card number (this begins with 2197000...), and your Library PIN (this is not your TELE PIN number)
    • Click on Submit
    • The copy will automatically download and open on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Important: you must use the Acrobat Reader toolbar in order to go forward or back; increase or decrease page size; rotate the page; and print or save the document.
  • For E-Reserves materials marked Weblink or Internet:
    • Click on the title.
    • If you are using E-Reserves from off -campus, you will need to be authenticated as a current UCI student, faculty, or staff member. Please refer to Connecting from Off-Campus.

How can I print E-Reserves?

Use the Print button on the Adobe Acrobat Reader tool bar to print your E-Reserve material.

Do NOT use the print button on your Web browser (ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) toolbar to print the document, as you will only get blank pages.

If you are printing in the Library, your copy/print card is your UCI ID card, which you can add money to at dispensers at each UCI Library.

If you are a UCI Division of Continuing Education student, you will need to purchase a separate copy/print card at one of these dispensers.

Further information can be found at the Library Copy Services site.

If you are printing at home, you will need either an ink-jet or laser-jet printer.

How can I access E-Reserves from home?

Materials marked Weblink or Internet often link to licensed electronic resources available to current students, faculty and staff only.

If you are using E-Reserves from off -campus, you will need to be authenticated as a current student, faculty, or staff member in order to access the licensed electronic materials. Please refer to Connect from Off-Campus.

How do I report problems with E-Reserves?

If you encounter a problem viewing or printing e-reserves, report it immediately to a Check Out Desk at any of the UCI Libraries.

Please be sure to note:
  • If you are on or off-campus
  • If on campus, where you are located (name of building or lab)
  • Operating system you are using (ie, Windows, Apple, Linux)
  • Browser software you are using (ie, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox)
  • Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • E-Reserves material you are attempting to view or print
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