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1. E-EROS encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis
Contains a database of approximately 70,000 reactions and 4000 of the most frequently consulted reagents. Fully searchable by structure and sub-structure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions, and keyword. Also includes a searchable interface: Acronym finder (an interface ... read more
  Subject: Organic compounds -- Synthesis -- Encyclopedias; Chemical tests and reagents -- Encyclopedias
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2. Early American fiction
A collection of 422 full texts of the first editions of American novels and short stories written before 1850 by authors of significance during their lifetimes
  Subject: American literature -- 19th century; American literature -- 18th century; Short stories, American; American fiction
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3. Early American imprints. Series II, Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)
Provides full-text and full-page-image access to books, pamphlets, and broadsides published in America from 1801 through 1819. This comprehensive collection also features many state papers and government materials, including published reports presidential letters and messages and congressional, ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Imprints; United States -- Civilization -- 1783-1865; United States -- History -- 1783-1815; Early printed books -- United States; American literature -- 19th century
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4. Early encounters in North America peoples, cultures, and the environment
Provides access to over 100,000 letters, diaries, memoirs and accounts concerning events that took place in North America between 1534 and 1860. The focus of the database is on description, travel, and accounts of interactions among various ... read more
  Subject: North America -- Description and travel; Explorers -- North America; Indians of North America
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5. Early English books online
Collection of online text editions of works originally published 1473-1700, listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-title catalogue, Wing's Short title catalogue or the Thomason tracts. Titles in the collection cover literature, philosophy, politics, religion, geography, science and ... read more
  Subject: English newspapers; English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700; English imprints; Early printed books
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6. Early English books online EEBO / Chadwyck-Healey
Reproduces works listed in: Pollard & Redgrave's Short-title catalogue, Wing's Short title catalogue and Thomason tracts, online via ProQuest Direct
  Subject: English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Databases; English imprints -- Databases; Early printed books -- Databases; English newspapers -- Databases
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7. Early English prose fiction
Contains 211 works in English prose by writers from the British Isles from the period 1500-1700
  Subject: English prose literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700; English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700
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8. Early modern women database
The Early Modern Women Database provides links to Web resources useful for the study of women in early modern Europe and the Americas. It focuses on the period from ca. 1500 to ca. 1800 and includes links ... read more
  Subject: Web sites -- Directories; Women -- History -- Modern period, 1600- -- Computer network resources -- Directories; Women -- History -- Renaissance, 1450-1600 -- Computer network resources -- Directories
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9. Earmarks Office of Management and Budget
  Subject: United States -- Appropriations and expenditures -- Databases; Government spending policy -- United States -- Databases; Budget -- United States -- Databases
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10. Earth science world ImageBank American Geological Institute
The ImageBank provides quality geoscience/earth science images. The archive may be browsed by categories, such as volcanoes, structures, weather, lakes, etc., or searched by key word or location. All images available to the public have been indexed ... read more
  Subject: Earth sciences -- Photographs
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11. EarthExplorer
  Subject: United States -- Maps -- Databases; United States -- Aerial photographs -- Databases; United States -- Photographs from space -- Databases
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12. Earthquake engineering abstracts
Provides comprehensive authoritative coverage of earthquake engineering and earthquake hazard mitigation currently comprised of approximately 114,000 records (full citations and abstracts) from 1971 forward, plus several hundred earlier classic papers and reports
  Subject: Earthquake engineering -- Indexes
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13. EBL ebook library
Dawson Books, in partnership with EBooks Corporation, introduces Ebook Library - an ebook lending platform developed in collaboration with leading university and research libraries and with academic publishers. Offering content across all subject areas EBL will feature ... read more
  Subject: Electronic books -- Databases
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14. Ecology abstracts
Indexes journal articles, books & other sources on climate impact, conservation, ecosystems, erosion, food chains, habitats, land reclamation, pollution, soil, water resources, etc. Focuses on interactions between organisms their environments. Coverage from 1982 forward
  Subject: Ecology -- Indexes; Ecology -- Abstracts
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15. EconLit
EconLit provides bibliographic citations, with selected abstracts, to the international literature on economics since 1969. It covers a broad range of document types published world-wide, including journal articles, books and dissertations, as well as articles in collective ... read more
  Subject: Economics -- Book reviews -- Periodicals -- Databases; Economics -- Indexes
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16. The Economist historical archive Gale Group
The Economist Historical Archive delivers a complete searchable copy of every issue of The Economist from 1843 to .... New full-colour images, multiple search indexes, exportable financial tables and a gallery of front covers highlighting a key ... read more
  Subject: Great Britain -- Commerce; Economics; Finance; Securities -- Great Britain; Economic history
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17. EconPapers economics at your fingertips
Provides access to RePEc, the worlds largest collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles and software.
  Subject: Economics -- Research; Economics
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18. The ECS digital library
  Subject: Chemistry; Electronics; Electronics -- Materials; Solid state electronics; Electrochemistry
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19. Education a SAGE full-text collection
Provides full-text access to over twenty journals published by Sage on topics in education such as curriculum and theory, research methods, diversity, counseling, budgeting, law, standards, and technology. Covers early childhood through adult and continuing education, including ... read more
  Subject: Education
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20. Effective introduction of evidence in California project manager, Linda A. Compton
  Subject: Evidence (Law) -- California
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21. eHRAF world cultures
The eHRAF world cultures is a cross-cultural database that contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized into cultures and ethnic groups and ... read more
  Subject: Culture -- Databases; Ethnology -- Databases; Sociology -- Databases; Social sciences -- Databases; Anthropology -- Databases
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22. Eighteenth Century collections online
A comprehensive digital edition of The Eighteenth Century microfilm set, which has aimed to include every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas, between 1701 ... read more
  Subject: United States -- History -- 18th century; Great Britain -- Imprints -- Early works to 1800; Great Britain -- Civilization -- 18th century -- Bibliography; Great Britain -- Civilization -- 18th century; Enlightenment; English literature -- 18th century
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23. Eighteenth century journals a portal to newspapers and periodicals, c1685-1815
Portal to newspapers and periodicals c1685-1815 offers integrated access to the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Eighteenth Century Journals I), the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center University of Texas (Eighteenth Century Journals II) and the ... read more
  Subject: Civilization, Modern -- 18th century -- Sources; English literature -- 18th century -- Sources; British periodicals -- 18th century -- Sources; British newspapers -- 18th century -- Sources; Eighteenth century
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24. Eighteenth-century fiction
96 complete works in English prose from the period 1700-1780, by writers from the British Isles. Includes a scanned version of Sterne's Tristram Shandy, and two different editions of Richardson's Clarissa and Pamela and of Swift's Gulliver's ... read more
  Subject: English literature -- 18th century -- Databases
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25. EIS digests of environmental impact statements
Contains abstracts of environmental impact statements issued by the U.S. federal government. Each entry includes a clear description of the project, sections on positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates. Major areas of coverage include air ... read more
  Subject: Environmental Pollution -- Abstracts; Environmental impact statements -- United States -- Abstracts; Environmental impact statements -- United States -- Indexes
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